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THE BLACK SHEEP is pleased to announce our Noro Sale!  50% off selected yarns!  It's a great time to stock up on Noro yarns! 

YARN                REGULAR PRICE           50% OFF -- SALE PRICE

Aya                              11.50                                        5.75

Bonbori                       10.30                                        5.15

Chirimen                     10.30                                        5.15

Cash Iroha                   12.60                                        6.30

Cash Island                 12.60                                        6.30

Haniwa                        13.00                                        6.50

Karuta                          21.00                                      10.50

Hana Silk                    26.25                                      13.10

Furin                            10.30                                        5.15

Iro                                21.00                                      10.50

Furisode                      23.40                                      11.70

Kirimeki                      15.45                                        7.70

King                             14.45                                        7.20

Kogarashi                    21.00                                      10.50

Maiko                          11.55                                        5.75

Matsuri                        10.30                                       5.15

Nobori                         26.00                                      13.00

Shirakaba                    11.50                                        5.75

Silver Thaw                23.10                                      11.55

Silk Mountain            11.35                                       5.60

Tanabata                     15.60                                        7.80

Yuzen                          10.50                                        5.25

Wadaiko                     26.25                                      13.00

Odori                           26.95                                      13.50

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Help Wanted:

Applications are now being accepted for part time help.  The Black Sheep is looking for enthusiastic staff with great people skills, who love fiber!  Hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 p.m. The store is open Monday through Saturday; various work days are available to be filled, and are open to negotiation with prospective staff.

About The Black Sheep:

The Black Sheep is a fiber emporium where you are invited to express yourself creatively. There is yarn everywhere, tucked into shelves, spilling out of baskets and hung in abundance from the beams above your head.

There is a lot to take in, so take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the show.

            Let your eyes be mesmerized by the concoctions of colors that have been hand dyed a rainbow of shades -- soft pastels, subtle neutrals, organic earth tones, opulent jewel tones, and even deep, dark, and mysterious.

            Allow your hands to delight in the vast array of textures: soft, supple, velvet like, furry, fluffy, crisp, cool, thick and thin, smooth and fine,  bumpy, lumpy, wooly, warm, silky, slinky, braided, twisted and stranded.

            Where will you go from here?

            Anywhere you want -- here you are the director of PLAY!

            Have fun, explore, experiment, go with the known or try something new.

            So many choices, so much fun.

            Whatever you decide, we hope your journey is a wonderful one!